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How to get YOUR Freebies?
Choose product from this page. Please starts from Level I part.
Choose one way to claim your freebie.
Yoshop Yoshop
Write an article for each product on any blog; Make a short video ( Any video is okay, just related to Yoshop);
Please include the Yoshop site link and the product link in your post;
After finished, please email talent@yoshop.com.
There will be a Big Weekly Bonus Contest. Only a full product review is allowed. Please tag #Productreview,
and recommend the related product via “Add Item”. Then include an attractive and clear pic in the post.
1. The assessment time for each level is 1 week. Posts must adhere to the rules to be eligible for freebies.
2. If you are Level II, submit at least one post daily with at least 5 comments on Yo.Me;
3. If you are Level III, submit at least one post daily with at least 10 comments on Yo.Me;
4. Please send us the full product review in 10 days after you received our product.
5. If you failed to achieve your weekly goal, your privilege will be degraded next week.




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