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#womensdaygift #WomensDay She is the best, she is amazing
Alexander Perez 03:08 Mar. 7 2017
This is a little stretchy so I ordered my true size (small) 
Kyla 17:34 Jan. 8 2016
#WomensDay new glasses
Loree 22:22 Mar. 5 2017
Cardigan comes as shown on the picture. Very warm and comfortable.&nbs
Natalie 08:25 Jan. 19 2016
The Sweter just fit perfect!
Zutanita 09:36 Jan. 19 2016
#mumjeans #YoShopProducts #WomensDay #fauxfur #chunky #jacket #highwaist #more#BloggerPicks Here is my review of this Yoshop chunky white jacket. It's great as you can see. For more pictures visit here - http://
sf493r5q 13:12 Mar. 2 2017
Very nice,very love
1 04:31 Mar. 18 2016
Reçu dans les temps, en très bonne état
Alexane Bnd 07:15 Feb. 17 2016
#WomensDay #MyFirstDayonYoMe We all deserve to feel sexy !
isabel.qc0 09:25 Mar. 5 2017
#womensdaygift #WomensDay Hey mom! Yes you! Did you remember the day i was sick? You were with me every single moment. And yes, those days when i
Enache 10:57 Mar. 7 2017
#womensdaygift #WomensDay With my mom and my little girl. I love you mom! I love you Sasha! Happy mothers day!
Ramona 15:08 Mar. 6 2017
#PetLovers #womensdaygift #BloggerPicks #Freebiesale #WomensDay She is amber, she is part of our family, she is 2 years old, she is tender and affectionate and we love her very much
Alexander Perez 10:57 Mar. 7 2017
#WomensDay #MyFirstDayonYoMe I'm so happy #Yo.Me haha
Eva 21:28 Mar. 3 2017
Very cute highly recommended, very good quality
YoYo 04:20 Jan. 6 2016
Susan 11:01 Mar. 6 2017
Love this dress.. I'm 5'6 140lbs I ordered the xl and it fit
maitte 14:59 Jan. 24 2016
#YoShopProducts #WomensDay #BloggerPicks #MyFirstDayonYoMe Love so much this biker jacket!
deisijblog 11:45 Mar. 2 2017
So cute! Love it
vivi 06:08 Jan. 14 2016
LOVE THIS! True to size, exactly as pictured. Warm and comfortable.
Nick 12:40 Jan. 9 2016