13:28 Jul. 6 2017

This maxi dress is my new love this summer! It's so easy to combine and wearable for various occasions. I love it for the evening styling, when the sun goes down and the temperature drops slightly. This one is a little different from others.. Flower print, long sleeves and the ruffles at the end give it a really wow effect! Definitely a unique piece for everyone's closet.

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Love my outfit
Moon 14:28 Aug. 23 2016
New bedding set!affordable price with amazing quality! Thank u YoShop
Kiho 19:02 Aug. 21 2016
waiting on my orders like..
Denise Moore 01:41 Aug. 19 2016
Nice green, comfortable material for summer
Pamela 11:45 Jul. 14 2016
love this dress
Tammy 17:21 Sep. 10 2016
Great quality and design for the price!
Sonia 18:03 Jul. 8 2016
love it love it love it love it love it love it love it
itzel 07:53 Aug. 8 2016
Margie 23:00 Aug. 19 2016
I love the style of this shirt.
lisa52 07:38 Jul. 17 2016
I love this dress.. So comfortable.
Norly 19:53 Sep. 10 2016
TijanaM 10:51 Aug. 13 2017
I look so nice with this suit on.
Huab Yaj 07:18 Aug. 21 2016
My sister become a model for my shop and love all the dress that I buy from YSHOP. She look adorable and beautiful weari
Norly 04:35 Aug. 29 2016
These Look So Amazing
Princeryy 22:02 Aug. 23 2016
my son and I
shandy 12:25 Aug. 31 2016
This is such a cute dress! Perfect size, great quality and beautiful bright colors!
Bea 18:17 Sep. 4 2016
that's the perfect bag!!!it's big and black is very elegant
Abril 10:52 Jul. 16 2016
its very nice
YoYo 08:44 Jul. 17 2016
LOVE this top. so adorable.
Skyler 18:04 Aug. 23 2016
very Nice take one size up in canada
Amélie Fontaine 14:16 Aug. 29 2016