If you like to barbque this is a really nice grill brush that's simple to use and has a long handle and best of all its simple to clean. Description ALWAYS A HEAVY TASK TO CLEAN YOUR GRILL?  Cleaning your grill can be tough! An ordinary grill brush takes a lot of effort and can be painfully frustrating getting more than just the very top clean. And, there's the heat burning your knuckles and the giving up on getting the back corners cleaned.  NOW TRY OUR INNOVATIVE GRILL BRUSH AND THESE HEADACHES ARE GONE!  Triple head brush cleans quickly and thoroughly.  Designed with a Triple head made of thick stainless steel bristles, our TOYEAHCASE grill brush allows you to reach and clean the toughest spots with ease and without scratching or damaging the grate surface. And unlike other similar grill brushes in market, our grill brush bristles are made of SOLID stainless steel (#201) that won't get rust, which makes it a fresh BBQ mate for you in a long time.  Reinforced handle ensures no bending or breaking.  When removing burnt residues from your grates, you need a durable brush that won't bend or break. With traditional grill brushes this happens more often than you'd think. While our grill brush is reinforced with stiff steel shafts to keep it sturdy for a lifetime.  Long handle keeps hands away from flames.  There's nothing worse than burning your hands when cleaning a hot grill. We've designed the grill brush with a 1.5 foot long handle, which makes grilling and clean-up painless.  Tips for using our grill brush.  For a deep clean, heat your grill and burn off any food residue. Using a bowl of water, dip your grill brush into the water and then clean the grates. The steam will give your grill a thorough clean. All brushes wear out eventually. As they get older it is important to check no bristles are coming loose. If this starts happening it's time for a replacement.

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Magaly 00:01 Jan. 30 2016
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Jurate 05:10 Jan. 24 2016
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