I rate this dress a "Casual A". The design/cut of this dress allows for a Hepburn look which would make any woman feel like a lady. The material is comfortable, but I would where this dress to the level of "business casual" (no higher) due to the material which is very casual. Even thought the material is less quality, the cut of this dress truly makes up for it. So I will be wearing this often.

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I really like this eagle
vivi 06:29 Mar. 21 2016
I love this necklace and the price couldn't be beat. I will 
15:09 Mar. 29 2016
The ethnic design is the most distinctive one, the collocation of 
Yoshop official 21:47 Apr. 19 2016
cute and comfortable
HD 20:40 May. 12 2016
Very nice ! recomended
YoYo 04:09 Feb. 3 2016
very comfortable! nice light material. can be worn in summer with sandals or winter with boots!
HD 12:16 May. 26 2016
It is a halter swimsuit made in one piece, the middle part i
tang 22:10 Apr. 20 2016
Gordana 09:57 May. 4 2016
Overall a nice bikini for the price. Came on time. Bottoms are&nb
Andriana 23:18 May. 28 2016
Very nice,very love
1 04:31 Mar. 18 2016
Love all my new dresses, the fit well and look great, i will
YoYo 15:19 Jun. 1 2016
light material, and stylishly airy
Kai 03:53 Jun. 2 2016
This is a super elegant bag in black and white. Its big so&n
Selma 22:37 Jun. 13 2016
I absolutely love this purse! It is the perfect pocketbook size t
YoYo 13:39 Mar. 28 2016
Love my dress i ordered a bigger size and it fits as picture
YoYo 21:02 May. 13 2016
a bit short but perfect with leggings. This dress is perfect for&
Lisanne 09:08 May. 19 2015
good quality/price! definitely like the picture
Melanie Vicente 09:30 Jun. 20 2016
I like it, its very nice!!!
giobecks 17:34 Apr. 29 2016
Please keep active on Yo.Me, if not, you might lose the chance to win $200 every week! Now thank you for your effort las
Yoshop Edit 07:21 Feb. 16 2017
I was really worried about this, but it's so perfect. Fits great, I'm usually an Aus size 10-12/M but
YoYo 03:47 Apr. 28 2016