14:05 Jun. 10 2017


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#Productreview Congratulations! won a $50 coupon from the weekly Product Review! The coupon will be sent to win
Yoshop official 03:53 Apr. 6 2017
#Freebiesale I would ike this mini drone for my husband and my little girl :)
Ramona 13:48 Mar. 6 2017
#IWantADeal Alright, Alright, Alright. Since everyone is voting for a smartphone.So, as you wish! This week's Super Deal will be th
Yoshop official 02:55 Mar. 27 2017
#IWantADeal As you wish, sports cam will be the price of today's Super deal. We will choose one lucky comment to give out this cam f
Yoshop official 03:39 Mar. 20 2017
#womensdaygift from my little son ;)
Danutza Dana 01:33 Mar. 8 2017
#BloggerPicks what do you think about my favorite dress? I... love it!
Ramona 05:48 Mar. 7 2017
#my #my dor.My favourite animals are dogs. I like they because is very nice snd very fluffy. nMy dog's name is Pufy because
Danutza Dana 14:26 Mar. 7 2017
#womensdaygift #WomensDay With my mom and my little girl. I love you mom! I love you Sasha! Happy mothers day!
Ramona 14:08 Mar. 6 2017
my cat!
Danutza Dana 14:21 Mar. 6 2017
#my #my dog.My favorite animal is the dog . Run and I always listen when she order something . The low-rise with big eyes an
Danutza Dana 14:20 Mar. 7 2017
#IWantADeal Last week we already gave out a phone to a lucky member.It would be such a lack of creativity if we do the same thing ag
Yoshop official 03:53 Apr. 5 2017
FreebieSale I want this wach for my husband because soon will be his birthday and is a nice gift for him
Danutza Dana 13:46 Mar. 6 2017
#EasterHunt This is the pinned post for Easter Hunt contest! Write your answers down into the comment. *The clickable special gift
Yoshop official 21:43 Apr. 13 2017
#womensdaygift #BloggerPicks I love this dresses from YoShop. They go straigh to my wishlist... for the moment :)
Danutza Dana 01:56 Mar. 8 2017
#womensdaygift #BloggerPicks For this summer I want this 2 beautiful swimwears ;) you can find them on YoShop, of course
Danutza Dana 01:59 Mar. 8 2017
#MyFirstDayonYoMe This is my best friend Ramona. She is guilty for my entry into the community! Thank you Ramona. I love this comunity, I
Danutza Dana 02:01 Mar. 8 2017
#petlovers My #petloversnMy little dog named Arty. Love it!
Danutza Dana 12:39 Mar. 7 2017
Danutza Dana 14:06 Mar. 7 2017
Danutza Dana 14:19 Mar. 6 2017
#MyFirstDayonYoMe Yes, is time to work out! This are perfect for this
Danutza Dana 02:02 Mar. 8 2017