Yoshop community start

Do you want $250 worth of GIFT CARDS? If yes, we are choosing the best partners to work with us to spread the word about the Yoshop community. We welcome tech bloggers to post reviews about any cool tech products, or fashion bloggers can post style tips, or feature their daily wear. If you want to be our partner, please send us your social media account details to: talent@yoshop.com.

How to Join in:

1. Time: DEC 29th.2016 - MAR 9th.2017

2. Email us your information, we will confirm whether you have qualified to join the program.

3. Once you've qualified, please post on the Yoshop community. Try to collect the Most Likes and Comments every week.

4. Please invite the most fans or friends to follow you on the Yoshop community.


1. When you submit your first post, let us know. We will send a New User Bonus of 500 Y Points (worth $10).

2. Every Thursday, our team will analyze the content of the week, for total Likes and Comments. The TOP 10 accounts will each receive a $50 Gift Card coupon by email.

3. The TOP 10 accounts every week with the highest increase (%) will each receive a $200 Gift Card. Accounts must have at least 100 fans.


1. Posts must be clear and attractive. For the Buyer Show, please show full body pictures with nice lighting and good backgrounds.

2. All content must be related to your social media. We always welcome fresh ideas, but please do NOT mention other websites or show their logo.

3. Please respect the game rules; it is expressly forbidden to register different accounts to award yourself Likes and comments. Suspected accounts will be suspended and disqualified.

4. Yoshop will always protect your security and privacy. Please read our detailed Privacy Policy.

5. Yoshop reserves the rights to modify rules if/when necessary. For any queries, please contact us: support@yoshop.com.