#MyChineseZodiacSign Hello, dear community members. Time passes so fast that makes Christmas feels like yesterday.And now it's almost the end of January. Feeling bored and not enjoying this month? Tired of wearing old crumpled clothes bought in 2016? Want to collect some electronic pieces but flinch by the price? Let me tell you some good news.The Chinese Zodiac theme event is online! As we all know. There are 12 Zodiac signs.But in China, the Chinese have their own animal zodiac signs in the order of 【Mouse、Cow、Tiger、Rabbit、Dragon、Snake、Horse、Sheep、Monkey、Rooster、Dog and Pig】. Follow these simple little steps to earn your reward. 【1】 Figure out your Chinese zodiac and post a nice quality picture with something related to it! 【2】Write down your birth of year in the caption so we can make sure your answer is correct. After approving all results.The top 5 post with the correctly match zodiac and most likes&comments will receive one of these four products! 【https://goo.gl/HZB6hn】【https://goo.gl/zAHM54 】【https://goo.gl/0ofYBJ 】 【https://goo.gl/N7Vzbe 】
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