Outfit of the day featuring gorgeous faux fur vest

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Great material. beautiful dress. Casual and fun
YoYo 04:37 Jan.21 2016
Very happy with this purchase, so much so I bought a second 
Candace 21:31 Jan.30 2016
#MyFirstDayonYoMe #BloggerPicks Just give me on night in Ibiza...
f4152wzs 15:45 Feb.24 2017
Same as the picture and very good material. I lovee
Magaly 00:01 Jan.30 2016
looks amazing!
Ebony 07:20 Feb.09 2016
I have received so many compliments on this dress and it works&nb
LJ Newell 16:40 Jan.24 2016
Very nice,very love
1 04:31 Mar.18 2016
Very cute highly recommended, very good quality
YoYo 04:20 Jan.06 2016
Cardigan comes as shown on the picture. Very warm and comfortable.&nbs
Natalie 08:25 Jan.19 2016
Thick and warm, like a blanket. Great colors.
YoYo 11:39 Jan.25 2016
I've gotten so many compliments on this it's amazing and I love&n
Kirsty Posey 23:07 Feb.08 2016
#womensdaygift I love these sunglasses
Darkpassion.ro 06:14 Mar.04 2017
#womensdaygift Wedding pic #womensdaygift
Veesu 13:53 Mar.06 2017
Very nice though material is really thin and the wrist area is&nb
Jurate 05:10 Jan.24 2016
I have received many compliments. It is sexy, sexy and beautiful.
Cecilia Leon 23:36 Feb.27 2016
#womensdaygift #WomensDay With my mom and my little girl. I love you mom! I love you Sasha! Happy mothers day!
Ramona o-lume-perfecta.ro 15:08 Mar.06 2017
#womensdaygift $200 gift card is waiting for you.Start posting now!
Yoshop Fashion 03:09 Mar.04 2017
#Freebiesale I would ike this mini drone for my husband and my little girl :)
Ramona o-lume-perfecta.ro 14:48 Mar.06 2017
#IWantADeal Alright, Alright, Alright. Since everyone is voting for a smartphone.So, as you wish! This week's Super Deal will be th
Yoshop Fashion 03:55 Mar.27 2017
#womensdaygift And here is the custom case for new phone. #womensdaygift
SteadyVG 12:17 Mar.07 2017