My new khaki bomber and outfit with bordo details

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I follow you back :)
f4152wzs 05:53 Feb.24 2017
#womensdaygift Taking out my woman for shopping - #womensdaygift
SteadyVG 08:27 Mar.06 2017
It's Christmas Eve happiness
Ardian xhani 04:25 Dec.15 2016
just me , follow ? 08:47 Feb.16 2017
XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router Youth EditionnnThis small router has 2.4GHz Band 300Mbps is very good to improve the quality of ou
ValkeTech 23:07 Jan.20 2017
My girldfriend looks beautiful with this handbag <3
ValkeTech 00:41 Dec.16 2016
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#BloggerPicks #YoShopProducts The summer is coming check on my blog how to wear the white dress 14:49 Feb.25 2017
Best view!
f4152wzs 12:49 Feb.26 2017
very comfortable! nice light material. can be worn in summer with sandals or winter with boots!
HD 12:16 May.26 2016
Black lace dress 08:24 Feb.19 2017
f4152wzs 08:03 Feb.24 2017
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#WomensDay only spring 05:03 Feb.28 2017
little blak dress 07:01 Feb.16 2017
#BloggerPicks what do you think about my favorite dress? I... love it!
Ramona 06:48 Mar.07 2017
#womensdaygift #WomensDay With my mom and my little girl. I love you mom! I love you Sasha! Happy mothers day!
Ramona 15:08 Mar.06 2017
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