I am back afrer fashion week

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#womensdaygift :))) a gift from me (I'm a mother) for my brother ;) love you! :*
Ramona o-lume-perfecta.ro 09:10 Mar.06 2017
XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router Youth EditionnnThis small router has 2.4GHz Band 300Mbps is very good to improve the quality of ou
ValkeTech 23:07 Jan.20 2017
#ThisIsTheTrendNow- Russian Red lipstick
Darkpassion.ro 11:30 Feb.16 2017
My girldfriend looks beautiful with this handbag <3
ValkeTech 00:41 Dec.16 2016
Please keep active on Yo.Me, if not, you might lose the chance to win $200 every week! Now thank you for your effort las
Yoshop Edit 07:21 Feb.16 2017
#BloggerPicks https://www.o-lume-perfecta.ro/rochii-lungi-cu-buzunare-de-la-yoshop/
Ramona o-lume-perfecta.ro 02:40 Feb.21 2017
little blak dress
Darkpassion.ro 07:01 Feb.16 2017
nice memories :) with my baby in my belly
Ramona o-lume-perfecta.ro 04:20 Mar.06 2017
Spring nail art
Darkpassion.ro 08:38 Feb.16 2017
This is stunning, happy women's day. Cheers
Veesu 11:25 Mar.08 2017
#CreativeValentinesPresent Love is in the air!
Darkpassion.ro 09:12 Feb.16 2017
Do you like gray hair?
trzezwy-umysl 10:58 Feb.17 2017
finally got it ⭐
trzezwy-umysl 12:23 Feb.20 2017
how cool..!!
SgCloudy 00:02 Mar.06 2017
#womensdaygift #womensdaygift - blessed to have 2 lovely women in my life - my wife and daughter. Happy family.
SteadyVG 08:26 Mar.06 2017
Such a great phone in less than $200 on yoshop, black color is current out of stock. White color one is linked below.
SteadyVG 07:29 Mar.05 2017
just me , follow ?
Darkpassion.ro 08:47 Feb.16 2017
Black lace dress
Darkpassion.ro 08:24 Feb.19 2017
very comfortable! nice light material. can be worn in summer with sandals or winter with boots!
HD 12:16 May.26 2016
It's Christmas Eve happiness
Ardian xhani 04:25 Dec.15 2016